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Ada’s Technical Books & Café
425 15th Ave. E., Capitol Hill
Ada's has been a popular home for nomadic office workers since they first opened their awesomely geeky concept store in 2013. Though the coffee and food are enough to draw the laptop-wielding crowd, the airy, open space and ample community events around their bookstore (which features math, architecture, and engineering books) are also powerful motivators. Last year, they made it official when they opened their formal co-working space, The Office, in the space above the café. Monthly and daily rentals are available for short-term needs, but there's still free WiFi downstairs if you just want to pop in for a few hours.
Anchored Ship Coffee Bar
5306 Ballard Ave. N.W., Ballard
This small little coffee shop in Ballard is decidedly no-frills, in the best possible way. The upstairs space above the bar (lit by twinkle lights) is quiet and secluded, making it a great place to hide out with your computer for an afternoon. Anchored Ship is known for really excellent espresso, but they also serve coffee soda—a caffeinated, carbonated cold brew over ice that tastes a lot better than it sounds—and coffee cocktails in the afternoons.
Coyle’s Bakeshop
8300 Greenwood Ave. N., Phinney Ridge
Foodies in Seattle know Rachel Coyle for her flaky, buttery cretzels (the perfect lovechild of a pretzel and a croissant), which sold out in record numbers at her Book Larder popups back in 2013. Last year, she opened her very own brick and mortar, and while the cretzels are still a best-seller, neighbors know that her seasonally-inspired creations are really where it's at—regulars check Facebook or Instagram to see what's fresh in the case each day. Consider branching out and trying one of her savory creations, like the ham and cheese croissants, or sandwiches with tomato jam on fresh baguettes. Unsurprisingly, this is an excellent place to pick up a cake for a celebration.
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