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Gourmet Valet
Gourmet Valet Head Chef Becky Nelson was a stay-at-home mom before she started her meal delivery business, and the dishes (beef filets, chicken chowder with cornbread, and seriously good dessert) definitely have a home-cooked feel to them. Each order rings in at around $15, a price that is easily justified considering each meal comes with multiple complementary sides. While many of her meals fall solidly in the healthy and gluten-free category, Nelson is also the genius behind Dallas-based Nieman Marcus’ signature holiday shortbread cookies.
Snap Kitchen
Citywide, Austin and Dallas
Snap Kitchen has revolved around grab-and-go meals since 2010, making them one of the older companies in the relatively new healthy pre-made meal space. There are convenient pickup locations in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Chicago, and while they don’t technically do delivery, you could easily arrange one through TaskRabbit. Snap also offers a 21-day "commit" program, which offers healthy takes on hearty meals like gluten-free beef stroganoff, bison quinoa hash, chicken butternut squash macaroni, and fettucine and vegetable “alfredo.” The cooking style is relatively free from the niche health foods that turn some people off of clean eating, making it an easy transition for health-food rookies.
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