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Brooklyn Kitchen
100 Frost St., Williamsburg
This incredible kitchen store will lure you in, but the classes will convince you to stay. Offering everything from Vitamix blenders and Pillivuyt roasting pans, to homemade ramen broth, farm fresh eggs, and exotic cuts of meat, the provisions part of the operation draws people from all over the city. Meanwhile, you can learn how to make homemade pizza with the Roberta’s crew, pickle with McClure, or take a class in doughnut or dumpling making.
242 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg
Dépanneur is the general store we all wish we had on our block. Part café, part grocer the inventory ranges from the necessary (fresh-baked bread, newspapers, eggs, three types of yogurt) to the indulgent (a series of canned sardines, unusual grains, wildly expensive chocolate). The coffee is expertly made and always hot, the range of to-go snacks behind the counter is meant to satisfy every state of hunger with mini ham-and-cheese baguettes, croissants, and slabs of pound cake. Pick up a coffee or an obscure bottle of kombucha and sit at one of the round tables outside, perfectly placed for people watching.
Momofuku Milk Bar
382 Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg
While working at Momofuku in the early days, Christina Tosi—office manager at the time—started baking the occasional treat for the team. And her insanely sweet, totally novel confections quickly took off. Soon, she had her own shop next door (and now many more in NYC) where she and her staff crank out ridiculously complex layered cakes, the aptly named Compost cookies, and unusual soft-serve flavors—all simultaneously nostalgic and unlike anything you've ever tasted.
Saltie (Closed)
378 Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg
Caroline Fidanza—opening chef at Diner and well-versed in Brooklyn’s restaurant scene—opened this nautical/Moby Dick-themed take-out counter. It's a quick walk between the G train and the Williamsburg Bridge, and it serves up delicious little sandwiches on focaccia, as well as soups, and egg bowls. Their desserts range from quick bites like cookies, Eccles cake, and brioche, to ice cream, chocolate mousse, and fruit coolers. In addition to coffee, try their turmeric tonic with lemon, honey, and cardamom, which makes a great immune-system-booster. Note: There’s little room to sit if you want to hunker down (a few stools and a narrow bar), so this is more of a quality grab-and-go stop than a dine-in experience.
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