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Amy’s Bread
250 Bleecker St., West Village
Amy’s started out in Hell’s Kitchen back in 1992 and in the intervening years, her business has gone gangbusters, supplying many of the city’s gourmet shops with their wonderful bread and pastries. Head to any of the stores—our favorite is still the largely unchanged original—to pick up a French baguette, olive twist, or one of their delicious pastries to go. As a huge bonus, they offer breadmaking classes at their Chelsea Market location where you can learn how to make everything from foccacia to thin-crust pizza.
West Village
Clover Grocery
259 6th Ave, New York
This newly-opened market marries two of our favorite sensibilities: chic design and clean eating, a duo that is an extension of its sister restaurant, Café Clover (located on the same block). We love it for grabbing a kombucha or organic almond milk on-the-go–or, perhaps even better, perusing the refrigerator for ready-made selections from the café, including its sprouted rye berry bowl and fresh gazpacho. With several well-stocked shelves offering pantry staples like soaps to sea salt to gluten-free flours from familiar names like Sun Potion and Moon Juice, this is like your favorite neighborhood market, only better.
West Village
Dominique Ansel Kitchen
137 Seventh Ave., West Village
Dominique Ansel Kitchen (sorry, no cronuts here) lends the same magic that makes open kitchens so appealing in a restaurant environment to a bakery, meaning you can watch pastry chefs construct the elaborate, brownies, Pavlovas, tarts, and a handful of savory dishes (the croque monsieur is the epitome of decadence), from scratch, right as you order them. The soft-serve window is where you’ll find Ansel’s interpretation of the ice cream sundae: A heaping pile of whole-milk soft serve in very Ansel-like flavors, like fresh burrata and salt-and-pepper caramel, sprinkled with toppings and served in a fresh, buttery cone. As of now, the window is operating Friday through Sunday only.
West Village
Murray’s Bagels
500 6th Ave., West Village
There are few weekend morning activities quite as essential as picking up coffee and bagels at a local neighborhood shop. In the West Village, the place to go is definitely Murray’s, a long-time neighborhood favorite. While they don’t toast bagels, they do offer every conceivable type of schmear, including a great egg salad. There are tables for eating in, though these travel well, making them pretty perfect picnic fare in warmer weather.
West Village
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