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Barney Greengrass
541 Amsterdam Ave., Upper West Side
This old-school delicatessen has been around for over 100 years and carries every conceivable kind of smoked fish. It’s a fun stop even just to see the hand-painted 1950’s sign outside, and the vintage Americana interiors it has carefully stewarded through the decades. Greengrass is also a restaurant that’s particularly great for breakfast—there are plenty of egg and bagel options to accompany your choice of smoked fish. And, in keeping with tradition, portions are huge, so go hungry. They also, obviously, do a brisk business in takeout.
Upper West Side
Just Salad
2056 Broadway, Upper West Side
Just Salad was an early adopter of the fast casual dining option, and they now have locations in practically every New York neighborhood. While they have some great existing menu options (including a few rotating seasonal choices), the main move here is to create your own salad and have it chopped. The ingredients are always really fresh, as they source them from within 350 miles of the restaurant at New York, New Jersey, and Vermont farms; everything is organic and exclusively non-GMO. Other locations: Flatiron, Fashion District, Financial District (on Broad St., Gold St., and Broadway), 30 Rock, Murray Hill, Chelsea (there's one on 8th Avenue and one on 6th Avenue), World Wide Plaza, Lexington, Park Slope, Downtown, Upper East Side (on 3rd Avenue and also on 1st Avenue), Hudson Square, Downtown Brooklyn, Macy’s Herald Square, Upper West Side, and the Woolworth Building.
Upper West Side
Momofuku Milk Bar
561 Columbus Ave., Upper West Side
While working at Momofuku in the early days, Christina Tosi—office manager at the time—started baking the occasional treat for the team. And her insanely sweet, totally novel confections quickly took off. Soon, she had her own shop next door (and now many more in NYC) where she and her staff crank out ridiculously complex layered cakes, the aptly named Compost cookies, and unusual soft-serve flavors—all simultaneously nostalgic and unlike anything you've ever tasted.
Upper West Side
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