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Café Beignet
334-B Royal St. & 311 Bourbon St., French Quarter
Come to this French Quarter standby for the beignets (they’re slightly crispier and less doughy than others in town), and stay for the classic Cajun breakfast and lunch. Crawfish omelets, roast beef po-boys, and jambalaya are served on paper plates but easily rival their fancy restaurant counterparts when it comes to taste. There are two locations, one on Royal Street and a second on Bourbon Street. The latter is famous for daily, live jazz shows and the impromptu dance parties they incite.
Café du Monde
800 Decatur St., French Quarter
Café du Monde is one of those special places that totally lives up to the hype: The beignets (a powdered sugar-dusted cross between a fritter and a donut) have been made the same way since 1862—when the café first opened—and are best enjoyed with a cup of chicory café au Lait (the flavor has a hint of chocolate and is especially smooth). Smaller outposts are sprinkled throughout New Orleans, but first-timers should really make it a point to stop by the original French Market café, which is open 24/7 and has a partially exposed kitchen so patrons—kids in particular love this—can watch their beignets being made from scratch. Grab a seat in the cafe to avoid the line.
District Donuts & Sliders
2209 Magazine St., Garden District
Add this cool little spot to the lengthy list of reasons to spend an afternoon traversing Magazine Street. While the rotating roster of from-scratch donuts (everything from classic glazed to slightly out-there savory, bacon-topped versions) is the obvious draw, it’s the small-batch coffee (cold brews are available on tap—yes, really—or in giant glass jugs to take home) that has folks flocking here in droves. And it’s not all carbs and caffeine either: The seasonal slider selection (pulled pork, fried chicken, shrimp Rangoon), which goes into effect at 11 am daily, is pretty impressive.
Parkway Bakery & Tavern
538 Hagan Ave., Mid-City
Whether Parkway Bakery & Tavern has the best Po’Boys in town is a matter of opinion, but it’s a fact that theirs are backed by over 100-years worth of experience, which really says something. The menu offers dozens of varieties, all of which can be enhanced with bacon. With its rickety floor and wood-paneled walls, the Tavern lunch counter hasn’t changed much in the last century, the food and drink offering, on the other hand, now includes turkey and alligator gumbo, local beers, and craft cocktails.
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