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All Day Coffee
1035 N. Miami Ave., Downtown Miami
All Day has won every award going, and for good reason. The food and, of course, the coffee are some of the best in Miami. All the produce is sourced as locally as possible: Bread is from the much-lauded Zak the Baker, bagels and English muffins are baked in house, and the delicately sweet honey comes from a Miami beehive. An extensive beverage program, with specialty drinks, like Joe Went to Thailand—Thai iced coffee with Xocolatl Mole bitters—is inspired. But it’s not all coffee. Chamomile tea from Egypt, silver needle white tea from Taiwan, and proper rooibos from South Africa are all fantastic. (We’re partial to the earthy turmeric golden milk.) Come hungry and split a few egg dishes—the double yolks baked in leek, spinach, and cheese with a hunk of crusty bread for dipping is our first choice every time.
Aubi & Ramsa
172 NE 41st St., Design District
Far from the bubblegum whimsy of generic ice cream shops, Aubi & Ramsa is strictly for the over-twenty-one set. The premise explores the versatility of alcohol as a sweeter flavor, in the form of ice cream. Surprisingly, the combo of sharp booze (mainly whiskey) and flavored cream really works. The orange chocolate cheesecake is infused with Glenlivet Scotch Whisky, citrusy Cointreau, and silky mascarpone cheese, while the chocolate Azteca has hints of mezcal and cinnamon. Design-wise, every detail is considered—the smooth marble counter, copper stools, and extensive selection of booze mimic the experience of sitting at a chic, low-lit bar. Meanwhile, the containers holding your scoops of choice are beautifully branded with spoons to match.
Azucar Ice Cream
1503 SW 8 St., Little Havana
It doesn’t get much better than some Azucar Ice Cream on a hot day: Think incredible flavors, like café con leche (Cuban coffee and Oreo), olive oil, orange zest and dark chocolate, and guarapiña (sugarcane and pineapple), served in generous waffle cones. The ice cream is made fresh daily, and Suzy Batlle’s shop in Little Havana sources ingredients for their desserts locally—the ruby red mamey comes from the Los Piñarenos fruit stand down the street, El Nuevo Siglo Grocery Store prepares the platanos maduros, and seasonal fruits and vegetables come from South Florida farmers' markets and growers in Redland, Florida.
232 5th St., South Beach
Dirt opened in autumn 2015, with a mission to source ingredients from local farms and bring a level of transparency to the process for customers. (Part of this is a cool map that hangs on the wall with pinpoints that highlight how much chef de cuisine Nicole Votano’s menu draws on nearby Florida farms, including organic ones as much as possible.) There are gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and kids' menus, with dishes changing somewhat seasonally but including options like an egg white and avocado mash breakfast bowl, chia pudding with coconut milk and cacao nibs, sandwiches served on Zak the Baker bread, and a kale, quinoa, and blood orange salad with cashew cream. The smoothies made with coconut meat are noteworthy. The 5th Street space has a fittingly bright, clean vibe lit by rose-gold lights, with a small juice bar in the corner, plus some tabletops if you aren’t taking your food and drink to go.
Dr. Smood
2230 NW 2nd Ave., Wynwood
The force behind this budding fast-casual chain is actually a couple. Danish businessman René Sindlev famously founded the jewelry company Pandora, and his Italian wife Patrizia Manici Sindlev was a model and architect in her first career. To open their cafés, which serve only organic, kosher, and non-GMO juices, snacks, and coffee, they partnered with a doctor to develop recipes that support cleansing and nutrition, including three whole-foods cleanse programs that you can mix and match for up to seven days. Even if you're not doing a full-on cleanse, it's a great place to pick up a salad or juice to go or to meet colleagues for a working lunch (each is equipped with solid Wi-Fi). The original is in Wynwood, but there is now a location in Brickell, too—we're keeping an eye out for the New York launch later this year.
Happy Place Donuts
507 Española Way, South Beach
Recently opened, Happy Donuts is a sugar palace for grown-ups. Between the café and the terrace, there are over one hundred seats, and impressively, the bakery manages to keep up. For entertainment, stand at the glass counter and watch the busy bakers churn out thousands of chewy doughnuts and tarts. Flavors like guava are something you won’t taste elsewhere, and although this is technically a doughnut shop, we’re partial to the Nutella-stuffed pastries.
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