This newly-opened 30,000-square-foot space in Chinatown is a veritable foodie wonderland, and early comparisons to Eataly are well-deserved: the ground floor incorporates a café, a casual table-service restaurant, cocktail bars, and retail space with a curated selection of everything from condiments to produce to cookware. The food lives up to its mecca-like digs—at Oolong Café, you’ll find a rotating selection of artisanal teas sourced directly from farmers in Greater China and Taiwan; the restaurant offers a constantly updated menu, cooked from eight specialized stations (including one that houses a Chinese earthen oven used to prepare their Peking-style roasted duck). Exhibition kitchens with ample bar seating help further China Live’s educational spirit, as do the guides who populate the market area performing tastings of products and assisting guests. The not-yet-open second and third floors will soon house a fine dining spot, another bar, and a large banquet space.

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