This is an awesome new fast food concept from chefs Roy Choi (Kogi, A-Frame, Pot, in Los Angeles) and Daniel Patterson (Coi, SF)—with help from industry friends like Chad Robertson of Tartine, and Noma’s Rene Redzepi. Entirely crowd-funded on Indiegogo, the concept is both simple and revolutionary: Choi and Patterson believe that fast food is the way it is simply because it’s being puppeteered by suits at big corporations, rather than chefs. As Choi explains: “You wouldn’t have record execs making the music, right? That’s what musicians do. But right now, cooks aren’t designing the food that most people are eating. The suits are. Let’s get back to chefs making the food and the moral choices for the people. Let’s get in and cook. And that’s exactly what they’re doing: Fresh, delicious, really well-priced “fast” food, like Korean-inflected cheeseburgers and fried chicken sandwiches. The first location is in Watts, with outposts coming in San Francisco and Oakland soon.

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