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This truck is a staple, in other words you can’t talk about food trucks in LA without mentioning Coolhaus. Here, you can expect the best handmade ice cream sandwiches served in crazy-amazing combinations. Each truck is stocked with at least eight ice cream flavors at a time, like avocado sea salt, balsamic fig and mascarpone, beer and pretzels, and coconut negroni. At least five cookie flavors are always available, too: imagine everything from pumpkin pecan whoopies to gluten-free salted caramel macarons to pedestrian-by-comparison chocolate chip. Also of note: the sandwiches are served in edible wrappers.
Cousin’s Maine Lobster
Founded by actual cousins Jim and Sabin, who both come from Maine but now live full-time in Los Angeles. The organization has expanded in big ways since the early days, now boasting trucks in more than 10 cities, a brick-and-mortar on Santa Monica, and mail-order lobster feasts available through their website. That said, the LA trucks are the originals. Lobster is shipped in fresh from Maine, and rolls are served both warm and cold (we actually like them equally—it kind of depends on your mood and taste).
Fitness Kitchen LA
Founded by a former marketing executive and his personal trainer, Fitness Kitchen LA is built to be a complementary, easy-to-execute nutrition plan for active people. Starting at $50 a day, they deliver three full meals and offer a few different programs (appropriately dubbed “trim,” “train,” and “maintain”) that customers can switch up according to their needs. The menu changes weekly, but the lineup always includes an approachable variety of classically healthy food: Favorite dishes include vegetable quiche with a rice crust, stuffed bell peppers with Spanish rice, filet mignon with horseradish and broccolini, and a farm vegetable salad with oven-roasted turkey.
Food Flo
Florence Betheau, a.k.a. Chef Flo, is a French chef who cooked in a classic French style—heavy on meat, eggs, and dairy—for years. After experiencing the positive effects of vegan and gluten-free recipes on herself and her autistic daughter, she started to drastically shift her style of cooking. Today, her seasonally grounded meal delivery is an LA favorite for making veganism easy (and delicious). Average dishes might include Indian curried butternut squash dal, Tex-Mex sweet-potato cakes with Moroccan tomato sauce, or vegetable gratin with mung beans; everything is comforting and incredibly flavorful.
Free Range
Melrose Place Farmer's Market Sunday's, Century City Farmer's Market Thursday's, Wilshire Center Farmer's Market Friday's
Free Range is indisputably one of LA's best food trucks, and while everything on their menu is great, it's their Original Free Range LA Chicken Sandwich that made them famous. Their tempura-fried chicken is unbelievably juicy and flavorful, and their Portuguese buns are the perfect width and density. Unlike so many other food trucks in LA, Free Range has a consistent daily schedule, so you always know where to find them—we like to hunt them down at the adorable Melrose Place farmer’s market on Sundays (just make sure to arrive early, before the line gets too crazy).
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