Taking care of ourselves—our skin, our hair, our bodies—can be a key indicator of mental health. And routines, whether a simple bath ritual or a nighttime protocol for glowing skin, can help us feel a modicum of control. If there’s a chance to slow down and to help ourselves feel and even look better in the midst of all that’s been lost, that’s a chance worth taking.

gwyneth in the sun

GP’s Skin Guru on the Best At-Home Ways to Exfoliate for Glow

How GP makes her skin the best it can be (without makeup).

woman in bath

Hibernation Mode: Sleep In, Moisturize a Lot, and Recharge Your Spirit, Skin, and Hair

A little routine involving a steamy bathtub, face and hair masks, and glow-inducing exfoliants and oils.

woman looking in mirror

A 7-Step Clean Beauty Routine for Clear Skin

The best tips for blemish-free, calmed, and clear skin at home.

woman exfoliating

3 Ways to Get the Benefits of Microdermabrasion at Home

At-home treatments to physically exfoliate skin for radiance-boosting results.

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