Hailing from Henderson, Kentucky, Matt and Carrie Eddmenson—childhood friends and now a married couple—worked together in Carrie’s family business, developing denim collections for brands like Rogan, Earnest Sewn, Seven, J.Brand, etc. They moved to Nashville in May 2009; refurbished an ex-gas station; hired Nestor, a pattern maker and sewer, and Gloria, a master sewer, in June; and, in July, opened the magical store that we were lucky to visit in February. The store sells handpicked denim from select brands like A.P.C, choice vintage pieces like cowboy leather jackets and boots, scarves hand-dyed by Carrie’s brother in India, and Imogene + Willie brand bespoke jeans, made of tough denim that you have to work into. After a few months, they guarantee, you will have a soft pair that fits you and only you and bears the marks of your wear. (For the less hard-core denim buyers, you can also purchase a pre-softened, pre-“lived-in” pair.) Carrie recommends you write the date of your first wear inside the pocket of your jeans: And thus begins your journey together… Everything in the store has a story, which you become a part of the second you enter. Beyond their impeccable taste, Carrie and Matt have started a community in Nashville. Going to their store is part shopping, part hanging out. Their dog, Lale is always happy to see you. Ian, who works there, has encyclopedic knowledge on all their products and has a mellow indie playlist going at all times. He turned us on to the bands Real Estate and Sun Kil Moon. You might also meet Kari Kragness, who organizes their “supper and song” events on Thursdays and all their other events, including backyard soirees that are supposed to be a blast.

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