Amsterdam Shops

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Amsterdam Duck Store
Oude Leliestraat 16, Grachtengordel West
It’s virtually impossible for anyone—adult or child—to walk by this place without being drawn in by the neat rows of rubber ducks, which all make excellent Amsterdam keepsake alternatives to the ubiquitous windmill/clog/tulip magnets. There are rubber duckies of every possible size, profession (ninja, dentist, bag-piper), and theme (duck as Christmas ornament, punk duck)—though our favorites are the ones dressed up as other animals (cat-duck, sheep-duck, shark-duck, etc..).
Comme de Garçons POCKET
Prinsenstraat 26, Jordaan
The name “pocket” couldn’t suit the tiny sliver of a space better. The neat little shelves are stocked with a tight edit of the requisite striped tees, candy-colored wallets, and heart-adorned PLAY sweaters. And while there are dozens of Pocket shops around the world, each one with its own personality, this one stands out for its fragrance selection. In addition to the cult classic Wonderwood and Play Green, there are many hard-to-find scents and limited editions.
Van Der Helststraat 1E, De Pijp
Though you can come to this De Pijp favorite to shop, eat cake, and peep some art while you’re at it, Cottoncake isn’t just another design-centric concept shop: There’s something decidedly feminine about the whitewashed brick interior, globally sourced accessories, clothing, and thoughtful jewelry offering. It doesn't hurt that the café serves a small but mighty menu of brunch-y dishes, excellent coffee, and as mentioned, really good homemade cake.
Denham Concept Shop
Prinsengracht 531, De 9 Straatjes
It’s been said that Jason Denham makes the kind of jeans other denim designers want to wear. What makes Denham denim so special is that it's mostly selvedge and comes from boutique plants in Japan and Italy, in fact, so high is the quality, that according to Denham employees, you don’t have to launder the jeans very often...or ever. The Denham Concept Shop is located just a few doors down from the men’s and women’s denim bars (clients are encouraged to customize their jeans to perfection) and features shoes, some accessories, and a really neat little espresso bar. Their flagship store, which carries the brand’s complete collection, is located just a few blocks away at Hobbemastraat 8.
Staalstraat 7B 1011, Centrum
It’s hard to categorize Droog as any one thing since it’s actually a shop, design collective, gallery, café, garden, and micro-hotel (there’s only one guestroom) all spread out over three floors of a single historic house. The shop is stocked with design-y home décor, accessories, and furniture from notable Dutch makers, as well as an area devoted to under-the-radar fashion labels, and a “spa” for beauty products of European origin. Connected to the retail space you’ll find the Fairy Tale Garden—a real-life garden designed by Claude Pasquer and Corinne Détroyat to look like something out of a pop-up book. Set up right next to the garden is Roomservice—a truly special little nook for grabbing a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or something more substantial, like soup and salad. It’s a lot to take in, we suggest setting aside a good chunk of the day to exploring the space.
Gerda’s Flowers
Runstraat 16, De 9 Straatjes
It’s likely you’ll get a whiff of Gerda’s freshly picked blooms while bumming around 9 Streets before you actually see it. Whether you’re looking to pick up a quick hostess bouquet or elaborate centerpiece (these guys provide florals for tons of fashion events all over the city), beautiful results are guaranteed—high praise considering flowers are serious business in Amsterdam. While they make really great use of wildflowers, the selection of orchids and other exotics is excellent, too.
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