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12 Rue d'Alger, 1st
Known for making the ideal version of everyday staples, you can always rely on A.P.C. for perfectly considered trench coats, dark wash jeans, and striped tops that are just the right thickness. Men, in particular, always strike gold here since their simple shapes easily elevate any outfit without ever trying too hard (guys who struggle to find well-fitting jeans should definitely take look here). While there are nine outposts across the city, we like this one best; meanwhile, don't miss the outlet in the 18th, where everything is always 50 percent off. There are other locations in the 3rd (Rue Vielle du Temple, Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire), the 6th, the 10th, 8th, and the 17th.
1st & 2nd Arrondissement
Astier de Villatte
173 Rue St. Honoré, 1st
Though it's well located on rue Saint-Honoré, this is the sort of spot that's easy to walk right by: There's not really even a sign, and inside it's hushed, dimly lit, cloister-like, and achingly cool, complete with rickety, slightly off-kilter shelves that literally sag under the weight of Astier de Villatte's ceramic tableware. Made from black terra-cotta clay and then finished in the brand's signature milky white, these perfectly imperfect dishes are the hallmark of some of the best-dressed tables we know. You'll also find the house line of geometric-print, gold-rimmed notebooks (made by the last master printer in Paris) and the gorgeously old-fashioned candle and incense collections, along with a handful of oddities, like glassware cast in the shape of skulls and stout little teapots.
1st & 2nd Arrondissement
31 Rue Cambon, 1st
Coco Chanel opened her first boutique in the 1st, back in 1910, and it’s still the best place to see the full expression of the brand. Spanning three lushly-appointed, black and white floors, the cap-toed ballet flats, quilted bags, and tweedy jackets are all connected by a sweeping central staircase. If you can’t make it to the flagship, there are many more locations across Paris, plus ample representation in Paris’s three main department stores.
1st & 2nd Arrondissement
Christian Louboutin
19 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1st
Sure, you’ll find Christian Louboutin’s full range of red-soled stilettos and studded loafers here, but you’ll also find unparalleled customer service. They maintain a strict 1:1 ratio of salespeople to clients, and while this might seem like it would result in helicopter-like hovering, it doesn’t. Instead, they swoop in only when you have a question or need a size. There are two other locations, one in the 7th and one in the 8th.
1st & 2nd Arrondissement
Colette (Closed)
213 Rue Saint-Honoré, 1st
At this point, Colette feels more like a museum than a place where people actually shop. Back in the day, it was the globe's first concept store, bringing fashion, music, art, accessories (and now, a comprehensive water bar) under one, multi-storied roof. Along with acclaim, the fame brought a lot of hype: While they have a covetable roster of designers (Stella, Alaïa, Givenchy), they also have throngs of people who come to gawk at gold-plated cell phones and Japanese toys. While the early magic is gone, they inarguably land products and collaborations you won't find anywhere else.
1st & 2nd Arrondissement
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