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22 Days Nutrition
We’ve been fans of Marco Borges and his 22-Day Revolution program from day one. What's special about these clean meals is that they are surprisingly filling considering it's all strictly plant-based—in fact, the program's main objective is to introduce the masses to the joys and health benefits of veganism. While you can receive your meals—which range from hearty breakfast bowls to flavorful curry dinners—on a daily or weekly basis, according to Borges, the most beneficial route is to take on the 22-Day Challenge (the number is based on the theory that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit).
Amigo Booth
The modern, minimalist answer to the oversized photo booth (so tricky to match with party decor), this free-standing, wood-finish camera is designed to make every aspect of taking and sharing group photos fun and simple. Here’s how it works: You rent the camera stand, all your friends take turns gathering around it throughout the night for pictures (it works via touch screen), and the images are instantly available via an app for social sharing. You can also opt for on-site printing, or print your favorites later. It’s one of those why-didn’t-we-think-of-this ideas.
Beacon Lane
It’s hard to believe that just five short years ago, Beacon Lane was a one-woman show operating out of a Chicago apartment. While their creative studio is still in Chicago, Beacon Lane now services global clients with through their online invitation design services. The entire process is blessedly streamlined—you’ll live chat with a designer who works with you to select and customize from several template designs—the process includes three rounds of proofs, so you can tweak and adjust until everything is just right.
Daily Harvest
While it's not exactly a full-on meal delivery service, what Daily Harvest does—deliver pre-measured organic smoothie and/or soup ingredients and super-food add-ons that you store in the freezer until blend time—is just as useful to anyone looking to take their eating habits to a healthier place. And don’t let the freezer bit trip you up: fresh fruits, vegetables, and berries retain both their taste and nutritional value better when cryogenically frozen at their ripest point, which is exactly what these guys do best.
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