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Walden Planar Studio Gong and StandWalden Planar Studio Gong and Stand
Rings with a clear, deep tone like heavy thunder.
Royal Delft Hand-Painted Tulip Vase PyramidRoyal Delft Hand-Painted Tulip Vase Pyramid
Royal DelftHand-Painted Tulip Vase Pyramid
Categorically stunning—with or without flowers.
Tabayer Large Pavé Oera BraceletTabayer Large Pavé Oera Bracelet
TabayerLarge Pavé Oera Bracelet
Inspired by modernist sculpture, this bracelet has a satisfying heft.
Inspired by the curvy buildings of visionary Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid.
The diamond-encrusted center link adds a heavy pour of glamour.