Midtown Restaurants

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Le Sel
1922 Adelicia St., Midtown
Brothers Ben and Max Goldberg's Strategic Hospitality group is behind some of the most beloved restaurants in Nashville, including Patterson House (along with Catbird, upstairs) and Pinewood Social. Le Sel is their spin on a classic French joint, featuring oysters, a great roast chicken, and moules frites. The decor, on the other hand, is a lot less classic—the space is filled with cool, off-beat art and decorated with quirky feminine touches like pink velvet banquettes and black-and-white striped painted floors. The bar downstairs can be accessed independently, and has an excellent cocktail list.
The Catbird Seat
1711 Division St., Midtown
This tiny restaurant above Patterson House only holds 22 seats (they're all at the bar), and serves an intimate tasting menu that's given it a reputation that extends far beyond the city of Nashville. Recently anointed Executive Chef Ryan Poli is actually the third chef in the establishment's relatively short history, and while that many regime changes might seem like a red flag, it's actually just an indication that the place has continued to improve—Poli's pedigree includes French Laundry, Blue Stone Barn, and, most recently, Noma. This is a must-visit for foodies.
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