The kitchen at Ada Street (formerly held by Zoe Schor, who is kind of a local legend for having the ingenuity to serve baby octopus with buffalo sauce and potato salad) is now run by young Chicago South Side native, Joanna Stachon, who has been with the restaurant since its early days in 2012. The menu at this hidden gem (it’s quite literally hidden near a Home Depot in an unmarked building) remains exciting: gnocchi with maple bacon, steak tartare with fried capers and egg yolk, PB&J bread pudding. In the summer, they open up a garage door in the back of the building to an open-air astroturf patio; head to the back to play a game of ping pong while you wait for your meal. The private dining room here is legendary, too—tucked away near the entrance to the main dining room, it’s a popular pick for the film and music crowd.

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