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Bouillon Pigalle
22 Boulevard de Clichy, 18eme
Bouillon Pigalle is a restaurant of the proletariat. Though it would be more accurate to call it a restaurant of the proletariat of Paris who favor watercress salad, escargots, beef bourguignon, frites, and a menu that is as true to a bistro menu as it can be. Historically, in French restaurant vernacular, a "bouillon" is a restaurant that served bouillon-which is to say good, afforable food, that appealed to the working class. And Bouillon Pigalle is the 2018 version: 300 seats; a festive, bustling vibe; and a crowd willing to wait the better part of an hour for table. No matter. The profiteroles are that good.
9th & 18th Arrondissement
28 Rue Henry Monnier, 9th
It takes nerve (and talent) for an American to take a French concept and re-create it for a famously hard-to-please Parisian audience. In chef Jody Williams's case, her French-inspired wine bar, Buvette, has been embraced with open arms. She tested the concept in New York first—there is a much-loved West Village outpost—and exported her gastrothèque to Paris in 2013, to rave reviews. In this romantic, perfectly Parisian little wine bar, you can expect a wonderful cocktail and wine list, and a petite menu of small versions of dishes like coq au vin, moules, and tartines. They also serve several local, seasonal salads—good ones are still hard to find in many traditional French restaurants.
9th & 18th Arrondissement
Pink Mamma
20bis Rue de Douai, 9th Arrondissement
A new-ish sister to the absurdly popular Ober Mamma, Pink Mamma is a welcome Italian-centric addition to the very French dining scene in Pigalle. The four flights that take you up to the most Instagrammable dining room—it has a giant skylight for a roof!—are well worth the sore legs. There are plants everywhere, haphazardly placed furniture, mixed prints—in fact, the whole place might as well have been airlifted from Rome, right down to the menu. House-made pasta, grilled proteins, and really excellent pizza.
9th & 18th Arrondissement
Rose Bakery
46 Rue des Martyrs, 9th
Focused exclusively on breakfast and lunch (brunch in particular, packs out the house), Rose Bakery is now two Paris locations strong (plus an outpost in London’s Dover Street Market and Tokyo’s Comme des Garçons). Rose Carrarin crafts fresh, locally sourced ingredients into vegetarian-friendly salads and simple sandwiches that are significantly lighter than traditional French bistro fare. And did we mention that it’s a bakery? The bread, puddings, and cakes shouldn’t be skipped—even though Rose Bakery has British roots, the confections here can compete with Paris’s best. There's another location in the 3rd.
9th & 18th Arrondissement
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