Considering its location in a nondescript strip mall, you could walk right by the Drunken Dragon without knowing it was there—look for the “MARKET” sign to guide you into the space, which deceptively offers lofty ceilings, a long, dramatic bar, and sleek wooden midcentury chairs. Food here (the menu is helmed by The Dutch, Nobu, and Zuma alum Xavier Torres) is served Korean barbecue-style, so while you’ll order a few sides for the table (the bok choy is a crowd pleaser), the main event is really a plate of raw cuts of meat that guests grill themselves over specially designed flames at the center of the table. The drink menu is appropriately dramatic, focusing on Tiki-style rum cocktails, and you can enjoy them well into the evening, as the restaurant stays open until 6am on weekends.

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