Like the rest of André Balasz’ hotels and restaurants (the iconic Chateau Marmont in LA and Mercer in NY, to name a couple), his first venture in London is undoubtedly one of the sceniest in town. Part of the allure is the decor, courtesy of Studio Ko, who seamlessly integrated original features like the fireman’s pole, brick and tilework, and fire doors with velvet seating, glitzy marble bars, and old-fashioned, flower-print carpeting. And part of it is chef Nuno Mendez’ brasserie-style menu that’s packed with his near perfect takes on the classics like Caesar Salad and Roast Chicken, plus some of the most delicious and inventive appetisers in town—the crab-stuffed doughnuts are a brunch favorite. A private dining room at a hotel like this is a must, and the elegant—though much less splashy—room here ticks all the boxes and accommodates 12.

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