Susan Feniger opened Mud Hen Tavern in the space previously occupied by her popular restaurant, Street. The menu reads over-the-top and all-over-the-place, but it’s actually exciting, innovative, and comes together as a great meal. The chicken & waffle croquettes with bacon and spicy maple syrup is a great example: The spice kicks up the maple syrup, which, glazed on crispy chicken meatballs, makes for an insanely delicious small plate. Everything else we tried was equally good, from the tuna ceviche with toasted corn to the vegetarian tostada (the walnut ‘chorizo’ on this is delicious, deceiving, and brilliant). It’s mobbed here on weekend nights, with loud, upbeat music (Eye of the Tiger was blasting during dessert), and the vibe is definitely more pre-game than date.

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