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Food Food means a lot to us. It provides comfort and nourishment, and it connects us with our families and communities. Whether you’re a passionate cook or a non-chef in need of guidance, we’ve got all kinds of recipes, ideas, and even shopping lists to make your time in the kitchen as easy, fun, and (for the most part) healthy.
woman laying down and covering her eyes
mental health Sometimes being alone with your own thoughts can feel like the most hectic place of all. Which is why we’ve gathered expert advice and resources for calming anxiety, shaking out stress, and finding support and connection.
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wellness There is so much we still don’t know about COVID-19. But on the topic of general immunity and well-being, what was good practice before remains good practice today. We’ve been leaning into advice from doctors, researchers, and our own senior director of science and research, Gerda Endemann, PhD.
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intimacy Pleasure and relationships in the time of social distancing are…interesting. Cohabiting couples are now together 24/7; dating app meet-cutes are online only. But there’s also plenty of time for self-discovery—and to read up on everything from orgasms to emotional connection.
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workout Moving your body is always a good idea—maybe now more than ever. These are the at-home workouts, foam rolling routines, and sweat-wicking separates that keep our spirits (and heart rates) high while we’re home.
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beauty Taking care of ourselves—our skin, our hair, our bodies—can be a key indicator of mental health. And routines, whether a simple bath ritual or a nighttime protocol for glowing skin, can help us feel a modicum of control. If there’s a chance to slow down and to help ourselves feel and even look better in the midst of all that’s been lost, that’s a chance worth taking.