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Zucchini Carpaccio


A plant-based play on beef carpaccio, where zucchini is the star.

1. Use a mandolin to shave zucchini as thin as possible.

2. Arrange half the zucchini discs in a single layer on a plate, overlapping as necessary.

3. Drizzle over a bit of olive oil, a bit of lemon juice, a pinch of sea salt, a couple grinds of black pepper, and a dash of Aleppo pepper.

4. Arrange remaining slices in a second layer and again season with olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, salt, pepper, and Aleppo pepper.

5. Meanwhile, toss arugula with a little more oil, lemon, salt, pepper, Aleppo pepper, and some shaved parmesan cheese in a small bowl.

6. Place arugula salad in the center of the plate and serve.