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Yellowfin Red Romaine Wraps

These quick and easy lettuce wraps are a warm weather standby for chef Greg Baxtrom when he’s entertaining on his days off. They’re also delicious with grilled rib eye instead of the yellowfin. Using a mandoline to slice the veggies makes prep a cinch.

1. First, prepare the sauces. For the avocado lime sauce, combine the avocados and lime juice in a food processor and blend until smooth, adding a little water as needed. For the Thai mignonette, combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Set aside until ready to serve.

2. Wash and prep the veggies and herbs. Store the sturdy vegetables, like onion, radish, and cucumber, in a bowl of ice water to keep them crunchy until ready to serve.

3. Cut the yellowfin lengthwise into 2-inch strips (cut along the grain). Brush with a little oil and lightly season with a salt. Sear on all 4 sides over high heat for about 60 seconds per side.

4. Toss the peanuts with the black sesame seeds and place in a small bowl.

6. When ready to serve, drain the veggies from the ice water. Arrange the lettuce, mung beans, shaved veggies, herbs, and sliced tuna on a large platter and serve with peanut-sesame-seed mix and sauces on the side.