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Tea-Steeped Barley Porridge


A porridge inspired by our favorite chai and London fog tea lattes. We used barley because it has a lower glycemic load than oats and it has a pleasantly chewy flavor that goes so well with ripe, firm plums and crunchy toasted hazelnuts.

Serves 4

1 cup pearl barley

4 tea bags (we like Earl Grey or chai)

3 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

kosher salt

2 plums, chopped

½ cup chopped hazelnuts, toasted

1. First, soak the pearl barley overnight. Cover it with 4 cups of boiling water and let soak for at least 8 hours.

2. Drain the barley and add it to a pot with 3 cups of almond milk, ½ cup of water, the tea bags, the vanilla, and a pinch of salt. Cook over medium-high heat until it comes to a boil. At this point discard the tea bags. Reduce the heat to medium-low and cook for about 20 minutes or until thickened. To serve, top with chopped plums and toasted hazelnuts.