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Super Seedy Apple Rings


Yes, this is a deluxe version of the apple slices and peanut butter you had as an afternoon snack growing up. Slathering a center-cut slice of a tart Granny Smith apple with almond butter, sprinkling it with salt, then dunking it into a pile of mixed seeds and nuts results in the best crunchy-creamy-then-crunchy-again textural experience we’ve ever had in a snack. You can follow the directions and get all food-style-y on IG with a seeded ombré or you can fully just mix the toppings all together. It will taste delish regardless.

1. Spread the almond butter evenly among the apple rings (you might need a little more or less depending on how many rings your apple yields). Sprinkle them with just a touch of pink Himalayan sea salt.

2. Spoon a little line of each kind of seed onto a flat plate, nudging them close so that all together they are about the width of the apple. Dip the apple ring, almond butter side down, into the seeds and gently press to set the seeds in. Carefully turn it over and repeat with the rest of the apple rings—you might need to replenish some of the seeds as you go from slice to slice.

3. If that process is too fussy (we admit it’s fussy), feel free to combine equal parts of all the seeds and simple sprinkle them on top.