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Key Lime Pie Pops


We wanted to make a super tart, lime-forward pop, but all that juice adds water content to the pop, which can result in a very icy texture. To combat that, we opted for evaporated coconut milk, which is just a slightly more concentrated coconut milk. The evaporated coconut milk is already a little sweet, so we needed only a scant amount of additional sweetener (don’t skip it, though). We call for a liquid sweetener (agave or honey), which also helps prevent iciness.

1. Combine all ingredients except the cookies in a blender and quickly blitz until smooth. (You could also whisk them together in a bowl; just beat well to ensure there are no lumps left behind from the arrowroot starch.)

2. Before pouring the mix into the pop molds, sprinkle a bit of crushed cookie into the base. Then fill each mold about halfway. Sprinkle more cookie and fill the mold up the rest of the way. Before adding the stick, finish with a bit more crumb. Add the stick and freeze for at least 6 hours.