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Jon Favreau’s Cubano

Jon Favreau and Roy Choi

This sandwich is the bomb. Seriously. There’s a reason it’s so prominently featured in the film “Chef”—and it tastes even better than it looks on camera. Jon likes to makes his on his super legit plancha sandwich press, but we’ve given you directions for a version you can make at home on a cast-iron griddle.

1. Heat a cast-iron griddle over medium-high heat. Butter inside the bread, lay it facedown on the pan, and toast until golden brown. Set aside.

2. In the same pan, add a bit of melted butter along with the ham and pork slices. Cook them for a couple of minutes, turning them occasionally—you just need to heat them through and brown them a bit.

3. To build the sandwich, start layering from the bottom up. Add the griddled pork and ham, Swiss cheese, and pickles. Lastly, slather the mustard from edge to edge on top bun. Close the sandwich and generously brush melted butter on top of bread. Add the sandwich to the buttered heated griddle again, pressing down on it with a spatula. Cook until golden brown and the cheese is melting. Flip and cook for another couple of minutes, pressing it down again with a spatula.