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GP’s Fries


“This is my favorite french fry method. It takes a little effort, but they turn out consistently crispy and delish.”—GP

1. Peel then slice the potatoes to your liking.

2. Soak the potatoes for up to an hour, changing the water about 3 times throughout when it gets cloudy.

3. Steam for 8 minutes in a steamer (a bamboo basket would work as well). Dry super well—potatoes should be completely dry.

4. Fry in small batches in peanut oil at 320°F for 4 minutes or so. Take them out of the oil and let them cool. Drain on a grate on top of a baking sheet (I use one from Williams-Sonoma).

5. When they are all done and cool, turn up the oil to 370°F and fry again till crispy.

6. Serve in an oversize coffee mug lined with parchment. Salt well.