This is also delicious warm— simply heat up almond milk before blending.

GP’s Brain Activating Adaptogenic Drink

Designed especially for GP, who was complaining of brain fog and too many amnesiac moments, this drink is packed with powders and nutrients that will leave you feeling energized, calm, and clear-headed. Brain dust increases mental flow, maca delivers abundant energy, mental stamina, and an elevated mood, and the vanilla mushroom protein relieves stress while nourishing the heart and spirit.

1 drink

12 ounces spring water

2 tablespoons Moon Pantry almond butter

1 scoop Moon Pantry vanilla mushroom protein

1 tablespoon Moon Pantry maca

1 teaspoon Moon Pantry Brain Dust

1 drop stevia

½ teaspoon Moon Pantry mucuna pruriens

Combine all ingredients in a high-powered blender for 20 seconds.

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