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Chicken Congee

This congee or rice porridge is incredibly easy to digest and very soothing to the digestive system. The cooking process does all the digesting for you so your stomach does not have to work, a feel good for your stomach.

The red dates are available at your local Chinese grocer. Substitute unsulphered dried apricots if red dates are unavailable; about 10 is plenty.

1. In a slow cooker on low, or on the stovetop, bring rice, water and chicken stock to a boil. Meanwhile reconstitute mushrooms in a little water, soak 10 minutes and add mushrooms, dates, and a little sea salt to the soup. Let simmer very low, covered for about 2 hours stirring occasionally. After 2 hours add scallion, ginger and chicken meat and serve, discarding the mushrooms and dates if desired. Salt to taste.