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Almond Milk Horchata Shake

This shake is based on one of my favorite drinks, the Mexican horchata. A horchata is a simple mix of cinnamon, sugar, and rice milk, but somehow the result—a little sweet, a little earthy, perfectly cold and ready for a summer afternoon—is more than the sum of its parts. Here, I swap the rice for a mixture of nuts and the sugar for mineral- and fiber-rich dates. The nuts included were picked for their spectrum of beneficial properties: Almonds are loaded with vitamin E, which aids in detoxing the skin. And walnuts are often thought of as the ultimate brain food for their ability to help nourish the mind, providing energy and valuable omega-3 fats. Shake well before drinking if you don’t finish it right away—because we’re not straining this through a nut-milk bag (that is how you typically make nut milk, but it removes all the filling, cleansing fiber), some sediment may settle on the bottom.

1. In a medium to large bowl, add walnuts, almonds, cashews, and dates. Sprinkle on a generous shake of sea salt, then cover with water (preferably filtered) until completely submerged. Let sit for 1 hour, then strain out nuts and dates; discard soaking water.

2. Blend soaked nuts and dates with 1½ cups fresh water, vanilla, cinnamon, and one more pinch of salt until very smooth.