Quick and Easy Cleanse

We don’t believe in deprivation, but we do believe in a quick and easy cleanse to reboot the system and give your gut, and your brain, an opportunity to reset some bad habits and restart your health. A high-quality cleanse diet is not about calorie reduction (though you’ll likely shed a few pounds), but it is about eating an appropriate portion size of “clean” and whole foods that are typically devoid of anything that might cause inflammation in your system (gluten, dairy, corn, soy, etc.).

Quick cleanses (i.e., three to five days in length) are our go-to. We drop the wine for a few nights, we focus on listening to our bodies, and we give our stomachs a break from food that might not be great for it—and while you can theoretically go back to bad habits when you’re done, chances are that a few of the good things will stick around as part of your routine because you’ll feel so good. If you feel like you need a deeper cleanse or more serious gut repair, we recommend doing a clean diet for a full 21 days. Again, you won’t feel hungry, but you do need to cut out inflammatory foods as well as coffee and booze. The last two can be tough!