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Q&A: The Postnatal Depletion Cure

Presented by Munchkin

When Dr. Oscar Serrallach first wrote about postnatal depletion on goop, he hit a nerve—particularly with the revelation that some women experience the aftereffects of having a child for several years. In his Australia-based practice, Dr. Serrallach has focused on helping moms, new and years out, restore their health and vitality. On a trip to the States, he started teaming up with doula Erica Chidi Cohen. Cohen is the author of Nurture, and the cofounder of LOOM—a reproductive, pregnancy, and parenting education and community center in Los Angeles. Together, they answered questions about reclaiming health and sanity immediately and long after pregnancy—sharing simple strategies, nutrition tips, and hormone intel, as well as some much-needed emotional support.