Despite (or, possibly, because of) its unlikely location in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, Matt Dillon’s The Corson Building offers what’s widely considered to be one of Seattle’s most special dining experiences. The restaurant itself is located in a historic 1910 home that’s around the corner from the airport and steps from a major highway, but once you walk through the green gates and into the patio of the ivy-covered home, it’s easy to forget that bit. Dinner service happens Thursday through Sunday, and everything is served family style at one of two communal tables, around the historic fireplace in the home’s cozy living room. Handwritten menus are changed out every day: Thursday and Fridays are a la carte; Saturday is lengthy, multiple-course prix-fixe; and Sunday, while prix-fixe, is a more casual, laid-back version of Saturday’s feast. The dishes themselves, like all of Matt Dillon’s creations, are soulful iterations of locally-sourced vegetables and meats, and though cuisines can vary week-to-week or dish-to-dish, everything (including the wine pairing) always comes together elegantly.

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