Bainbridge Island is a bedroom community of Seattle that makes a great day trip. The easiest way to get there is to take the ferry (locals just call it “the boat”) from Colman Dock downtown across the Bay; the 35-minute ride is an attraction itself, as the route is exceptionally scenic, and it’s not uncommon to see whales and other wildlife from the deck. When you arrive, walk around the quaint little downtown—make time to stop at Blackbird Bakery for lunch, or just an extremely good coffee with a side of pastry and cake. Like many spots in this region, Bainbridge is known for gorgeous gardens and greenery. There are a few great gardens to explore, but our favorite is Bloedel Reserve—gardener Prentice Bloedel (a before-his-time environmentalist with a fascinating story in his own right) was colorblind, so the visuals revolve around texture and composition rather than color. If you’re traveling with littles, it’s worth popping into the small-but-mighty Children’s Museum before heading home.

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