Located in DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre, the “free zone” where companies can be set up without the requirement of a local partner), Intersect is an ideal meeting spot if you’re in Dubai on business, but also just a nice cafe for coffee and a snack if you’re in the area to check out one of DIFC’s galleries or do a little shopping. Outside of Friday brunch (Dubai’s Saturday), the focus is on weekday lunch—salads, soups, meat mains—with breakfast being more of a light pastry affair. Developed by Wonderwall’s Masamichi Katayama, Intersect is set up like a library cafe—the walls are lined with bookshelves—and there are Lexus touches throughout, mostly subtle, and possible to miss—i.e. the leather couches are the same leather as you’ll find in the cars. (Downstairs, in “the garage,” is the less subtle homage to Lexus, where a flashy concept car is stationed. The tiny model cars placed into the glass walls lining the adjacent bathroom corridor are a fun touch.)

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