The moment you set foot in Thailand, you will be invited to an elephant park. The vast majority are inhumane and worth avoiding. So when you find one like the Elephant Nature Park, go all in. The park was founded by Saengduean (“Lek”) Chailert, and it is probably the best place for an elephant to live in Thailand. It’s also a safe haven for buffalo, dogs, cats, and other animals. Lek and her team rescue the elephants from circuses, tourist attractions, and other awful conditions. The animals have a place to roam and live as they would in the wild here—free and unchained. You can watch them play, pet them, and bathe with them (if you don’t mind a bath that leaves you dirty). The park also works to encourage rain forest growth by planting trees. (If you’re looking to explore more farms and sanctuaries, you can make an empowered decision using this helpful resource.)

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