It was the story behind David’s Kitchen that did it for us. The owner, David, is a Londoner who first came to Chiang Mai two decades ago after a long and successful career in theater. He moved to Thailand, taught English to monks, met his wife, Khun Prom (a professionally trained chef), and then together they opened a restaurant. In other words, he lived out the fantasy that so many of us have here—and we wanted to see what it tasted like. David’s Kitchen has become one of the most popular places to eat in the city. Chef O makes decadent classic French dishes with a Thai twist (like incredible spicy fish salad with crisp green apple, wild mushroom risotto, and pan-seared tuna with mango). The cocktails are fresh and inventive (the Golden Triangle, a mix of bourbon, Thai orange, lemon, and honey, is bright and refreshing), and the desserts—made by Khun Prom, who is the pastry chef—are incredible. (Or maybe freshly made ice cream and sticky toffee pudding just taste better in Chiang Mai.)

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