If you’re of the mindset that gorgeous landscapes are the best starting point for romance, then it’s hard to beat Norway’s Fiordland. 62°Nord plans personalized trips throughout the area, and this sweetly intimate, family-owned hotel (there are only 23 rooms) makes an excellent jumping-off point for adventures in the nearby, UNESCO-protected Gerangerfjord. In the summer, there’s plenty of trekking, hiking, fishing, and kayaking (there’s even a golf course) to take advantage of, and while winters can get chilly, you’re in close proximity to great skiing and an excellent vantage point for seeing the Northern lights. The cozy rooms have a modern farmhouse vibe, with plenty of nods to their Norwegian heritage, like simple Scandinavian furniture design; hardwood floors, walls, and ceilings; and subtle floral accents. Food-wise, it’s hard to find reason to dine anywhere but the excellent little restaurant on site, which serves locally made cheese and exclusive beers. Also of interest: the green roof.

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