Located on a gorgeous, verdant site along Lake Champlain in New York, Camp Dudley is actually the country’s longest continually running summer camp (it was started as a YMCA camp in 1885). Alumni are astonishingly loyal, as evidenced by men well into their retirement years who can recall their camper numbers (which everyone is assigned at their first check-in). The general vibe and programming are predictably classic—every day starts with a blast of the cannon and a reveille, and it’s hard not to love their long-time motto, “the other fellow first.” Dudley’s sports-focused programming making this an exceptionally good choice for the sports-obsessed, as boys will spend most of the summer in motion, playing soccer, baseball, lacrosse, flag football, sailing, fishing, ultimate frisbee, and more. Beyond that, every camper, no matter their age, participates in a camping trip to one of Dudley’s lean-to camping sites, learning outdoor skills and enjoying the area’s gorgeous Adirondack trails. Camp Kiniya, across the lake on the Vermont side, is the program’s girls-only arm.

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