Recognized repeatedly as one of the leading clairvoyant/medium/psychics in the world, Burns is an author (The Sixth Sense of Children and Develop Your Psychic Abilities), filmmaker, lecturer, and educator. She works (in print, video, TV, etc.) to teach people how to apply intuitive powers to everyday life, and has appeared on major national television shows, newspapers, and magazines on the topic. She came into the public eye when the New York City D.A invited her to work on the Son of Sam case back in the 70’s; her work has only expanded since then.

Burns connects simply by helping clients center themselves in the space in an almost meditative moment, and speaks first about what comes up for her, also encouraging clients to ask about particular issues and people in their lives, present or passed. Her readings get at a person’s core issues quickly, and build outward from there—incredible accuracy combined with brilliant insight.

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