What 11 Howard has managed to do is recreate the feeling through the décor, of being in your own, beautifully outfitted home. The furniture is functional, trend-forward, and approachable; the palette is pretty but not overwhelming (we love the combination of navy drapes and blush throws on the beds). The hotel also smartly addresses the fact that oftentimes we’re travelling for work, not pleasure, and that common areas are just as good for setting up shop with a laptop as they are for socializing. The Thrive Market stocked mini bars also have face masks and other essentials you may have forgotten, and the in-room dining is excellent for familiar, health-centric staples (acai bowls, bone broth, a good bagel, La Colombe coffee). If you do feel like indulging in a first rate meal, the Roman and Williams designed Le Coucou is right downstairs. Whether you barely leave your room, or hardly see it at all, you can feel good knowing that a portion of all room rates goes to the Global Poverty Project.

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