The cast of characters at Pennsy is surprisingly star-studded, all things considered. Vegetable lovers, as always, will appreciate the presence of The Little Beet, but the market is also home to The Cinnamon Snail, a brick-and-mortar version of the beloved vegan food truck, which serves the kinds of sandwiches that make veganism much more appealing. Lobster Press is there as well, Marc Forgione’s take on a casual seafood spot, where the thing to order is the sandwich for which the cart was named—a hot lobster panini, pressed and served hot. There’s something here for carnivores too, at Mario by Mary (a fast-casual Italian collaboration between Mario Batali and Mary Giuliani that promises excellent Italian sandwiches and muffalatas) and butcher Pat LaFrieda’s first restaurant (order the filet mignon sandwich or the meatball sub). While that line-up is enough to garner a lot of regulars, La Colombe coffee really cinches the deal.

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