Conveniently located next door to the restaurant iteration of Dimes—if you’re looking for the ingredients to recreate one of the bursting-with-flavor, health-centric dishes you’ve just consumed and can’t stop thinking about, look no further. Dimes Market is a narrow, small but mighty, galley-style grocer, filled with all the provisions one needs to churn out delicious meals, snacks, and smoothies from the average tiny NYC kitchen (or if you’re no home-cook, make your kitchen look pretty instead with the selection of linens, ceramics, and premium-grade olive oil also lining the shelves). A tight edit of only-the-best food purveyors, quality produce, all manner of powders and supplements, pretty utensils and, last, but not least, clean beauty products fill the space. Dimes market is the modern apothecary for the thoroughly modern shopper—because sometimes we need to pick up a side of aluminum-free deodorant alongside that bunch of greens and crate of grapefruit La Croix.

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