The Good Sort may be a bit of a trek given its Chinatown location, but trust us when we say the pilgrimage downtown is worth it: Owners Eddy Buckingham and Jeff Lam (who are also the guys behind Chinese Tuxedo next door), have created a vegan menu of alternative milk lattes (almond, coconut, and oat), fresh juices, homemade congee, and coffee that is entirely categorized by color (say, a yellow turmeric congee, pink rose petal tea, or black charcoal-infused latte). Everything on the menu appears to be made for Instagram–but even if that’s not your jam, it’s hard not to love the health bent (case in point: the Rainbow Iced Latte, made with beetroot, turmeric, black pepper, coconut sugar, and blue algae, looks like an ombré painting).

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