Anyone who gets a facial with Dayle Breault (who, aptly, also goes by Goddess of Skin) emerges with a gleam that extends, almost impossibly, into the next week. Whatever your issue—blemishes, dullness, uncomfortable dryness, sagging—Breault helps sooth, energize, and balance skin with a nurturing touch and variety of high-tech devices. Sessions with Breault are a beautiful, pampering haze; she even makes extractions feel luxurious. Layers of her nourishing products are massaged and smoothed in with her exceptional touch, and she often uses special microcurrent gloves that are truly next-level. “They enable me to use my hands to apply the current, as opposed to probes—it’s a more tactile experience for the patient, as well as for me,” she says. “I can really feel each muscle, it helps encourage manual lymphatic drainage.” Breault travels the world to learn about skin (she recently learned an amazing inside-of-the-mouth technique in Paris), and prizes vitamin C, peptides, and gentle exfoliation as the most important ingredients for a healthy-skin routine. We’re obsessed with how light, airy, and unburdened we feel walking out of her studio, not to mention how glowy we look. Call or email for an appointment; Breault sees clients in both NYC and LA, and she books up fast.

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