Jeffrey Wands typically uses tarot to enter the session; after an initial 10-15 minutes of interpretation, he usually connects with spirits he senses in the room (he also likes to engage with photos). An appointment with Wands can feel very much like a therapy session: He intuits blow-your-mind-accurate, spot-on facts and larger truths about your lifeā€”not just the past or the future, but lots of incredibly useful and profound stuff about the here and now. He welcomes questions. The author of three books (The Psychic In You, Another Door Opens, and Knock and the Door Will Open), plus three e-books, Wands’ appointment book is generally packed (definitely plan to wait at least a few months for a session), and his personal appearances sell out quickly; you can often catch him on TV shows like the Today Show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and A&E’s Mediums: We See Dead People.

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