While Gina practices Reiki and past-life regression, go to her for her mediumship, as she offers profound healing and connection to those who have passed to the other side (cue the tears). Not only does she bring through very validating and specific stories and details (names, dates, etc.), but she delivers important messages from loved ones—about life path and purpose, and relationships that may be coming or may need to go. While some mediums insist on little to no participation other than yes and no (which is fine, particularly at the beginning when you’re waiting to hear details that make you trust the connection), Gina is ultimately highly collaborative, which means that you can go quite deep. Gina typically reads over the phone, but she also schedules small group readings in her office, which are a great option for families. She volunteers for the Forever Family Foundation, so you can catch her at their events and grief retreats as well.

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